Academic Decathlon

the premier scholastic academic competition for high school students.

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USAD provides students of all learning levels the opportunity to excel academically through team competition.

The Academic Decathlon® is a team competition wherein students match their intellects with students from other schools. Students are tested in ten categories:

Art, Economics, Essay, Interview, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Science, and Speech.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded for individual events and total scores. Each high school enters a team of nine students: 3 "A" or Honor students, 3 "B" or Scholastic students, and 3 "C" or Varsity students. Winning teams advance through the local, regional, and state levels of competition. The state champions compete at the national finals.

This is a community for fellow decathletes to discuss the subjects and complain about all the work we have to put in. Enjoy!


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